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Frequently Asked Questions

The First Session is an evaluation of what level you are at currently and what topics we need to emphasize on in future sessions. You will also get an understanding of my method of teaching.

We will review your content and depending on your level, we will establish a tutoring schedule.

How does GetSmart Tutoring work?

My assistance ranges from  Kindergarten to University Level: 

  • Physics

  • Chemistry

  • Math (Calculus / A&W Math / Foundations Math)


For more information and to schedule a session visit the Book A Class page

What can I get help with?

I have attended several workshops and seminars in tutoring students who have severe learning disabilities such as extreme ADHD, Discalcula and Dysgraphia. I am well trained in understanding how the students behave and think, and furthermore tweak my tutoring accordingly. One solution does not fit all. 

I currently tutor students as young as 6 in grade 1 with severe learning disabilities to mature students at the age of 44 who are upgrading their technical trades program.

What if I have a learning disability?

I will work closely with you and after you are more comfortable with the content, we will do sample mock exams that are very similar to the tests you get at school.

Mock exams are timed and marked according to the professor's marking schemes. You are then graded on them. Questions range from Multiple Choice Questions, Short Answers,  and Long Answers.

What can I do if I have test anxiety?
Why tutor with a Teaching Assistant?
  • Easier to understand (as a TA, I typically teach students what professors struggle to teach in their classes)

  • A tutoring session is less intimidating for the student

  • Free online assistance available any time

  • Tips for parents on ways to help their child study

  • Provided with dozens of worksheets for extra practice

What's the minimum time of a tutoring session?

Sessions are scheduled for minimum of 1 hour and are often booked for 2 hours.  

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